POSITIVE FER Ted! NOT so much NEGATIVE About Any Others



President of USA

Ted! DOES NOT of slightest want to pound ANY fer ANY past to Past to PAST IF Have A Range Of Fergiviness Downs Sins and Pardons fer Downs Criimes and er Acceptance of Appologies fer what are Offenses and Other Things and FER SURE IF FER ALL WERST EVIL SINS. He If Feels would be UnFair. Ted! LIKES TO BE FAIR. Ted! TENDS TO BE NICE. Michael and Gabriel HAD SUCH BIG TALK TO Ted! Out side of PHOENIX PUBLIC LIBRARY then Ted! WAS TOO NICE and WE HAVE TO BE Mean Enough To Win. Too WE ARE NOT Liars yet Use SomeTimes To Range Of Protect Use MisInfermation. Ted! AND FeAngels Of Light are NOT to Down False Accuse ANY Too. We TRY to TELL TRUTH AND BE TRUE AND BE ACCURATE ENOUGH DID Ted! During Coming and SO WARNED Fosts What Are FeAngels Of Light About This Befere HELPING Ted! To Range Of Write This.

Ted! IS STILL SUCH A GENIOUS NOT measured in IQ Tests done to Ted! In USA then about 137 er GIFTED NOT quite genious

Ted! HAD 4 Years UNIVERSITY at Loma Linda University then a Year Graduate School in Dentistry with a Business Majer.

Ted! Has NO USA Felony Crime Convictions.

Ted! WAS BERN AND RAISED AND LIVED IN USA entire life excpet On Vacations not out of USA longer than 30 Days out of USA.

Ted! NEVER DID DENOUNCE USA CITIZENSHIP including During Entire Coming To NOW and NEVER of slightest plans to do it. Ted! NEVER did ExPatriot. Ted! IS STILL A USA CITIZEN.

Ted!'s BIRTHDAY HAPPENS TO BE October 3, 1959 in Stockton, Califernia, USA a Califernia Bern And Raised And Other Things Boy to Young Man to Man.

Ted! Lived in Arizonia a while iin USA Other Than WAS Califernia.

Ted! Did Travel Some In USA.

Ted! Did Some Travel including Some into Western and Eastern Europe.

Ted! Was In SoftWare Business SUPPLYING US GOVERNMENT fer about 10 Years Plus ON AFCAC 308 AIR FERCE COMBAT AIR CONTROL SoftWare then On UNIX WerkStations and Servers.