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Some Person DID CANCEL Some Google Accounts OF Ted! WHAT DID ALSO CANCEL Email Accounts and fer sure YouTube Channels WITH AT LEAST NO EXAGGERATION 1,000 PLUS Videos Ted! DID WHAT ARE ALL In BundleFiles To DownLoad FROM THIS InterNet Site NOW.

BundleFilesHave At Least 1,000 Videos Ted! DID To DownLoad What Were On YouTube NOT NOW.


OF Ted! FROM Ted! With Help Of

FeAngels Of Light Of Fosts And Other *osts


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Starting It Up April 24, 2021

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Conquering First Chapter



OF Ted!'s Scriptures And Infermations And Other Things Fer At Least Now 24 Plus Years Since About 3.7 Years Befere Y2K

OF Ted!'s Open Content License

Starting It February 3, 2021

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Last Increment April 22, 2021

Fer This Chapter 23 These Are Now Changes To Open Content License RetyroActively Fer Entire Coming Starting About 3.7 Years Befere Y2K er Year Of 2,000. I THE MOST HIGH Ted! And God And The CreatOr And The Lord Of ALL Things And The King Of ALL Things And The Sacrificial Lamb And The Lion Of Judah AND THE MESSIAH SO MUCH OF first called it UNIVERSE AND GALAXY IN TO NOW CALLED TALAXY TO TUNIVERSE HAVE FUL:L: LEGAL AUTHERITY TO RETROACTIVELY CHANGE THIS FER ALL Things Put Into Publ;ice Domain To Open Content Licenses What Had Copy Right With Open Content Licenses. Ted! NOW WRITES IF I SAY IT IS SO THEN IT IS SO AND IT IS SO.

No Others Can Put A CopyRight On It Even if Derive So Mucxh From It And er Translate It And Er Fix It And Er Edit It And Er Proof Read It and er Spell Check It And Any Other Things Even If Much Derive From.

Fer Sure NONE CAN Claim ANYTHINMG FER SURE INCLUDING Ideas Fer Theirs What If Are Plagurist to Intellectual Property Thieves To Idea Thieves.

Ted! DOES NOT WANT OF SLIGHTEST What Happened With Valid Scriptures (SeomCall It Jewish Bible Tanach) To Happen Again. Then To Old Testament of Christian Bibles. New Testament Was False WERST RELIGIOUS FRAUD DONE BY after Nero what did to Many Christians iincluding i ROman Colloseium then Rome Burned It Was Constantine PRETENDING THEN TO CONVERT TO CHRISTIANITY DID IT HIRING ENOUGH TO DO IT to at least have a Christian Bible Too Did Start.

None Can secret to TOP SECRET to EXTREME SECRET ANYTHING Of Scriptures And Imfermatiom Amd Othjer Things Done And Put Into Bundle Files Including Of Writing And Any In Images to Photos To Videos.

You Can ReErganize It. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You Can Derive From It Yet CANNOT CopyRight It What Changes Did. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You Can Translate Into Other English And Other Languages Yet TOO IF This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You Can Do A Comilation Of It From 24 Plus Years inmto future. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You CANNOT TradeMark and er Servvice Mark AnyThing Of It.

You Can InterLeave This With secret to SOP SECRET to EXTREME SECRET Things. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You Can ReWrite It. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

All Derivatives OF Ted!'s Scriptures And Infermations And Other Things Are To Be PUBLISED And PUT OUT On InterNet FER FREE TOO IN THIS OF Ted!'s Open Content License.

You Cannot Patent If If Can.

If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.


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This Can Be Applied Now To ALL Things Of Ted! OF FROM In Public Domain to Open Content Licenses NOW This Open Content License Fer At Least Entire Life INCLUDING ALL Images And Photos INCLUDING Ted's Photo Album And Videos Includiung About 1,000 studio Videos During Coming DID Ted! If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

Ted! NEEDS SOME TO SO REALIZE IT FER WHAT DID CONCERNING THIS During Coming if Publish It ENOUGH You(s) Can Earn Things Fer future Life To Start Of A COMPLETE FERGIVINESS AND PARDON AND ACCEPTANCE OF ALL APPOLOGIES And Life Packages Of From 120 Years To Can Be 1,200 Years Life Packages From 3 Of Family to 120 Of Family Determined By You NJOW Into 3 Redundant Arks Put In By You(s) And FeAngels Of Light.

Therefere You(s) Can Earn Things If In this life can Help Ted! With His Scriptures And InferMations And Other Things.

Other Than You Can Write To Do InterNet SItes Concerning What Have On It CopyRights and er TradeMarks and er ServiceMarks IF HAPPENS TO BE You(s) NOTHING IN IT SEPARATELY DONE Of ANY OF Ted!'s Scriptures And Infermations And Other Things.


--- To Here ONLY Spell Checking Done By Ted! And FeAngels Of Light Was Done Reviewing/Proof Reading/Some Editing/Some ReWriting Done To Here/Fer OF Ted! ENGLISH - GrammarChecked/Fer OF Ted! ENGLISH - SpellChecked – Some Editing – Some Removals from a List What Were Neutral - Some Additions - zFrbrtusty XX, 2021 --- ome Proof Reading. Some Additions. Some ReWriting. Not another Spell Checking Done To Here ---